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Terror firma

To coin an oft-used (but not normally by me) expression, the earth most definitely shifted for me last night.

You may (or may not) be pleased to hear that we were not harmed in the 5.2 earthquake that struck the Murcia region last night, with its epicentre in historic Lorca. But at just 50km due south of us, though, the shock waves were enough for my large and heavy range cooker to wander around my kitchen (the range ranged?) and to cause a number of plaster cracks; also to make us feel as though we were momentarily adrift on a loud and rumbling ocean swell.

A mere drop in said ocean, however, when we observed the rubble and mayhem created in Lorca itself. A beautiful and quaint old town, overlooked by its guardian castle crouching above, we have enjoyed many a visit there and so cannot reconcile the vivid news pictures of rubble-filled streets with the museum-lined routes we have traversed in the little tourist road train. A tragedy, and our hearts go out to all affected.

We calmed our jangling nerves after the shock by attending a party thrown by our dear friends Avril and Iain, whose daughters Laura and Seonaid (pronounced ‘Shona’, for anyone else out there as stupid as me) and grandson Arden are currently visiting for the celebration of a combined 100 years of birthday.

A small yet potent party, given that all the hosts and three of the guests hail from Scotland and it has to be said that the Scottish do know how to throw a party.

A fabulous table of epicurean delight was enjoyed by all, followed by the rather peculiar Spanish habit of washing it all down while at the same time showering in red wine…

Drinking from the porrón:

Iain at it

Dan does good

Arden means business

Laura pouring

I can’t even post the picture of my attempt at it, which Gill fairly accurately described as the “road kill” look, for fear of disturbing those of delicate sensibilities.

Then on to a very Scottish peculiarity of trying to open bottles of cava with a sword (I kid you not) for which success elicited whoops and howls that even drew raised eyebrows from Spanish neighbours (YES!!!) and only really ended in tears when Seonaid, instead of cutting the top off cleanly from her bottle, managed to explode the whole thing. Don’t mess with her.

Avril prepares...

John's moment

Seonaid's light touch

Why waste a good sword?

And some terribly cool dancing:

Synchronised supplication


Don't give up the day job

OK, I lied.

Again, my thanks to Gill for the brilliant action photos of the sword trick. I wish I had your shutter speeds….


Comments on: "Terror firma" (7)

  1. Maryse De Pover said:

    Hi Debs

    Well the earth certainly moved girl and glad to hear you are all okay there. Was a little worried as your messenger had disappeared into the abyss lol.
    Probably just as scary for all those great animals of yours too

    Glad to see your celebrations as well, you still know how to party lol

    Just sorting out my great adventure to Aus at christmas
    am sooooo excited, will let you know more when I get everything booked, hopefully by next week

    Take care and speak soon xxx


  2. Well, ye see, I´m jist shocked again. Huvin´ fun wi´ Scottish reprobates when Lorca was still jigglin´ aboot. I´ll huv tae write in somewhere, mibbe the BBC.

    But ah forgive your shindiggin´ as Lorca was diggin´ as ah plan to read yer book (it´s on my Amazon wishlist, or as we say in Glasgow, wushlust, oops).

    [OK have now cast off Jimmy persona]. I love your site and really look forward to reading your book. I´d like to review it, if you think that would be all right, on my upcoming, noo sooper dooper Woo Theme website with a real domain name.

    I will write and ask you nearer the time and feel free to say “No, piss off.”

    Musho betho,

    Mo xxx

  3. Well, I’ll pass on your sentiments of admiration to my north-of-the-border friends. In our defence, the party was organised before the earthquake was, and none of us are apt to waste a good wine stock, even if it has to be opened with a sword.

    Glad to hear that you’d like to read more of my drivel, although I’m not entirely convinced by wushlust (or your general desire to sound like Jimmy Crankee). Tell you what – the book is due to be reissued this side of Christmas with extra go-faster stripes, so if you can bear to hang on that long I’ll send you a copy free, gratis and for nothing for you to review. You can PM me on Faceache with your address.

    Deb xx

  4. Dear Biblical Deborah,

    I wasn´t angling for a free book! I´ve never really asked anybody if I could review something before and didn´t count on your very generous reply. I do accept, of course, not just because copper wire was invented by two Scots fighting over a penny but since it´s a good idea to hang on until the new, fancier copy comes out (I can´t see how you´d fancy up the cover since it´s just brilliant!). Maybe you should see some of the cheek on my blog before you let me, though. Then again, I´m going to be nice on my new blog so even if you had anything to fear (split infinitives or other such crimes against culture) you can rest easy. And, of course, nobody will read my nice blog just like they don´t my nasty one so …you´ll have to achieve World Famedom on your own.

    • No change there, then.

      I am told that all publicity is good publicity (although I’m quite certain that the News of the World would refute that, currently) so I’m happy for you to do your worst, when comes the time.

      The revamped edition will include all the photos I wanted in the old edition, is all.
      I’ll let you know when it is finally unchained.

  5. Where´s my manners! Thank you!

    Oh goodie, more photos, less reading! (Actually, reading´s my favourite thing, along with trying to write something about what I´ve read).

    I´m glad to see that awful rag go, even if it´ll be replaced with something just as odious. Is it natural for us (well, them) to be muckrakers or are we conditioned by our culture to do so? I used to think I knew the answer to that but now I don´t.

    Look forward to your big event (none of my own, so vicarious pleasure wins the day).

    Again, thank you,

    Curt, biblical handshake,

    Mo xxx

  6. De nada, hija! Será un placer.

    Un besito.

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