Living in Spain, warts and all

Jack from Perking the Pansies has nominated me to take part in the Seven Links Project.

This was, I’m informed, started by Katie at Trip Base with the stated intention ‘To unite bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavor (sic) to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again.’


  1. The Blogger is nominated to take part by another blogger
  2. He/she publishes their links to posts in seven categories in their own blog.
  3. They nominate up to five more bloggers to take part.

When I finally meet up with Jack one day I will poke his eyes out with a sharp stick.

A brief disclaimer, before I begin.

Unlike many fellow bloggers who post daily (and I prostrate myself in awe at their feet!) I post just once a week (or less) but my posts are relatively long and varied – that is, I often cover in each offering a few subjects that have arisen between posts. And so it is difficult to classify individual posts. However, I will endeavour to shoe-horn seven of them into the required categories. Please forgive me if I fail.

My Most Beautiful Post

The Magic Mountain

“Beautiful” suggests to me either evocatively descriptive or movingly deep.

Erm – I don’t really do either. My goal is to try to wring humour, even if it is just a tiny drop, from the trial by fire that is living in the most backward area of a foreign country.

I think, because of its subject matter, this recent post has probably come closest (and you would still need to take two buses and a train).

My Most Popular Post

You’re Not From These Parts

For sheer numbers in the stats sheet, this blog post has come out on top. Other posts have elicited far more responses, but this had the most hits. Clearly the title alone rattled a few cages.

My Most Controversial Post

Waiting Interminably

Not really controversial in a country known to the rest of the world for its “mañana, mañana” attitude to all things and its utterly incompetent bureaucratic procedures, I’m sure the Spanish authorities would be horrified by my irreverence.

My Most Helpful Post

The Art of Communication

Again, probably not strictly helpful, I have chosen this because it is in a small way informative and may actually encourage expats in Spain to get to grips with the neccesity of registering to vote.

A Post Whose Success Surprised Me

Oh No! Not More Spanish Bureaucracy!

In the infancy of this blog (February of this year, in fact) I reissued a small fictional piece that I had written some time before when I found myself confronted yet again by my bête noir. Visitors probably thought they were clicking on a deep and insightful piece that would change the face of Spanish governance. Oh, well.

A Post I Feel Didn’t Get the Attention it Deserved

Biting the Snake’s Tail

This was quite a long and eclectic post that covered at the same time a few of my main themes – the illogicality of Spanish procedures, the problem I have with pest creatures here in the campo, and my favourite fall guys, the pets.

Clearly there are a lot of ophidiophobes out there.

The Post of which I am Most Proud

Falling Rain

This is the post that I enjoyed writing the most, that flowed best, that managed (I think) to convey the exact mix of gravity and humour for which I always aim, and that elicited the most flattering comments from my readership.

I know. I’m easily pleased.

And now on to the sadistic part – the nomination of five more bloggers before the fairy of chain letters blights my life with foul personal problems, lack of sex for life and untimely and agonising death.

In alphabetical order therefore I hereby make enemies of ….

Derek – Derek’s Vandal Blog

Jo – Jo Parfitt’s Blog Spot

Maureen – Staying Sane in Spain

Niamh – The Singing Warrior

Victoria – Old Fool’s Blog

Sorry, guys – you know what a vindictive little baggage that fairy can be.


Comments on: "The Seven Links Project" (15)

  1. Well done. Some great posts and it got you out of the parrot cage!

  2. bloody man has done the same to me; only been doing this blogging stuff for a few weeks and it would be nice think there was enough content to have a ‘most popular’, ‘most controversial’, ‘most anything’! I’m still at the pathetic stage of looking every 10 mins to see if there’s been another dot on my Cluster Map!
    The bonus, for me, is discovering your blog – love your style of writing.

    • Oh, poor you! I’ve only been blogging since February and even I felt somewhat fraudulent in choosing ‘most anything’ too. Besides which, most of the five people out there who actually read my blog have read all posts relatively recently, so the stated intention of resurrecting old posts that deserve a re-read really does not apply.

      Methinks we should plot revenge …. Jack, be afraid – be very afraid.

      Alan, thanks for your kind (and always welcome) comments. I shall go forthwith to check your own bloggerants.
      Deb xx

  3. This is a knee-jerk reply as finding myself in such company has blown my circuits and I am unable to fumbulate an approprius sesponse.

    • But you will, oh acerbic one, and t’will be pithy and witty, as is your wont x

      • I wish, oh effortlessly pithy and witty and acerbic one!

        Now I´m at the “research” stage. Reading everything ever written on blogging, Spain and the Seven Links Project. Then I´ll get to the write-up of the preliminary report, followed by application to the relevant authorities for permission to submit my forthcoming thesis on the matter to …em, you. Then I will proceed to the actual writing of the thesis, starting with the abstract, the contents, the blah blah blah.

        And I´m not even a Virgo.

        I´ve been blogging for YEARS and have no post wothy of any of the categories above, so you need to include Worst Post, Most Ignored By The World At Large Post, and Most Useless Post to possibilitate myself to partake thereof.

      • See, can´t even spell worthy – you´re making me all English and causing me to drop my rrrrrrrrs.

  4. A plot should be hatched (in utmost secrecy, of course) and the subsequent chickens dumped on his perches! What do you say?

  5. All due respect, but I’m trying not to think of Jack’s perches, if it’s all the same with you.

    And while we’re on the subject, my chickens have no cock, so there will be little hatching where they’re concerned.

    I could send him some chicken poo, though?

  6. does it travel well?

  7. agreed! What next, oh devious one

  8. Thanks for putting the boot firmly on the other foot, Deb. I am on holiday this week but will be a good girl and join the fun as soon as I am back. Promise! Satisfied you got your own back?

    • Jo! You think I am a vengeful soul? Noooooo …. I was throwing it at you for marking, really, to see what Teacher makes of our attempts.

      Please don’t think I’m trying to make up for your below-the-belt side-swipe about my being a tad older than you – nothing is further from my mind 😉

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