Living in Spain, warts and all


I can control this. I’m on top of it. Breathe deeply and calm yourself, woman!

It started out as a harmless bit of fun. Buy a few beads, make some jewellery for myself and for friends – an ideal present here and there – a hobby, for God’s sake.

So how did it come to this? Beads, threads, wires, needles, findings, patterns, you name it, all spilling out of cupboards and drawers. A beading mat with a half-finished project on the coffee table; a tray with collections of ideas, little piles of beads of all shapes and sizes and colour mixes gathered during flashes of inspiration, anticipatory; threads trailing on furniture and on my clothes, unheeded by the obsessed mind looking for its next fix.

Divorceable issues like escapist glass beads, crunchy underfoot; a carelessly-dropped needle lurking ready to attack; too much time hogging the internet as I yield helplessly to the addiction and slaver over those beautiful little orbs begging me to chase the deal. The credit card groaning as a small order turns into a spendfest, uncontrollable and merciless in its unconquerable attraction.

I’ve got it covered, though. I haven’t indulged for two weeks now. The shakes are almost gone. I can think rationally – I know I don’t need more beads; I have enough clasps; I have more than sufficient jewellery.

And then – oh, no, no, not that, please!! Anything but that …

I open my inbox and there, challenging me openly and without shame, is an email from my very favourite supplier, Beads Direct,  that screams at me, ‘MAMMOTH SALE’.

Aaaaaaggghhhhh ….


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  1. OK guys, I know that this is somewhat random for me.
    It’s a competition entry. I haven’t lost the plot.

    Normal service will be resumed shortly


  2. I was beginning to wonder. I thought, how does she find the time? Has she lost the plot? I’m mightily relieved.

    • Well, as a matter of fact, I do make beaded jewellery; further, I actually teach it to others at classes two mornings a week. So I have to find time.

      The plot? Not sure I ever had it to lose …

  3. shouldn’t you be mucking out the parrots?

  4. 🙂 we don’t think you’ve lost the plot hehe xx

    • Hi Claire – thanks for your support. They just don’t understand …
      But you’d probably see what they’re all getting at if you read the rest of the blog – I’m always bleating about having too much to do and so little time …

  5. Religious expletive coming up …Oh My God! (Oh My Goddess is all right since we Scottish feminists invoke Hur in this way). Deb, I don´t know where you get the time or the energy but I´m glad you do. Some addictions are necessary, an expression of the Divine in One´s Spare Time. I´m a recovering Cross Stitch addict – you see, old rugged cross, goddy person, four directions, religion – but that mention of the dangerous needle makes me want to thread up again! I´ve never used beads but I do want to make a bead curtain with the swooniferous swarovski crystals for my study where they will glint zenly in the breeze (well, the breeze provided by the fan since there´s no air in Alcalá). Can you give me an idea or Twelve? (No, not religous this time). I don´t know how you manage, what with the birds, since I´ve had a hard time with my two cats who love to eat thread. And yes I like to leave long comments so…….

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