Living in Spain, warts and all

In Bullas resides a blonde female

Who’s walking the edge with no handrail

She’s living the good life

As cook, builder, housewife

And all kinds of other travail


Animals, of which there are many

Consume more than one pretty penny

They scream for attention

And too much to mention

But assistance? they don’t give her any


Her hubby, a fireman in Britain

By ideas of retirement is smitten

But cash they still need

For the household to feed

So he must serve his time as is written


The wildlife around and about

Is abundant – of that have no doubt

Snakes, scorpions, rats,

Boar, spiders and bats

But she’s just not the type to freak out


The weather can also be trying

She finds herself freezing or frying

Or blown all around

And sometimes half-drowned

It’s fickle, there is no denying


The neighbours are great barring one

They embrace her and share all their fun

For the one who gives grief

Her message is brief

Involving travel and copulation


But throwing all things in a sieve

Though pleasures and heartaches they give

It cannot be denied

In this world far and wide

She has found such a great place to live


Comments on: "Time to Rhyme – a brief summary" (11)

  1. With a shovel and parrot in hand
    She’s mixing cement and sand
    There’s a kennels to build
    And plots to be tilled
    And plenty of stuff to be canned – or pickled

  2. OK, show me up, why don’t you? An excellent blogger, a brilliant photographer, and now an articulate and polished poet.
    I’ll just curl up in your shadow and suck my thumb, then.

  3. all smoke and mirrors – and you look great in white with white accessories!

  4. I’m pretty sure Cookie thinks I’m his accessory, rather than he mine.

    If it’s all smoke and mirrors, then I’m forced to add prestidigitator to your list of competences.

  5. What’s a prestidigitator when it’s at home?

    There once was a lassie called Debs



    Yep, dried up ….


  6. ‘Elitist’! Your conjuring your own words out of thin air . . I would add that I came to emulate Caesar not to belittle her 😀
    Yours faithfully, Avid Follower

  7. Maureen Dolan said:

    Well I´m just going to be kind and sweet (me?). Deb, I think you´re a true heroine taking on what you have – and thriving! It´s wonderful to hear about it, especially when it´s put so well. People often talk about “the real Spain” but you are in fact living it, as you say, warts and all. What´s exciting is that you´re having an experience you just can´t get in Britain and one that stretches you as a human being. Just think of all you now know you can deal with! Your circumstances aren´t by any stretch easy but you´re building something incredible. As los españoles say when they remove their hat in respect to someone for a job well done, ¡chapó!

    • Not a heroine, no. Misguided, deluded, puddled, overambitious, possibly.

      I think everyone who lives here deals with the whole thing to some extent or another, given the unfathomability of most necessary functions in this country. We’re just at the extremes.

      I’m quite sure, from having read many of your experiences and views, that you have been through many of the same trials for different reasons.

      As for ‘chapó’ – I’ve not come across that before! I’d have taken a guess at ‘plated’ if you hadn’t said …

  8. This is a fantastic poem. Having followed your blog for awhile, this is such a great personalized synopsis of your blog, book and life!

    • Ah, we’re such simple creatures here that we can be summed up perfectly in a mere thirty-five lines!

      Many thanks for your kind words. It was quite fun to do, actually, although it takes a little more work than it would appear. Bit like my life, really …

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