Living in Spain, warts and all

I have reached that age at which I am sprouting.

Not a luxuriant moustache. Not a navel carpet. Not even hairy legs.
No. My eruptions are one layer removed from my body, in that they are occurring in my pockets.

Pieces of paper work their way from every niche in my clothing and float to the floor wherever I am. I have been taken over by listmania.

If it ain’t written down, it’s not getting done.

As an aside, I will also confess to you this: I realised recently that I am also beginning to suffer with that terrible affliction of advancing years – namus forgettimus. This manifested itself suddenly and without warning when I went to summon my poor hubby for coffee recently and he was bewildered to find himself addressed as “Cookie .. Marcos .. Ben .. Jack … JOHN!”

So – the lists.

In my defence, I really do have a plethora of things to do on a daily basis – some of them are quick (or should be, were we not in Spain), others are a little more lengthy and require a hefty time slot of attention.

Yesterday I went forth with a list of seventeen items. These ranged in difficulty from calling at the post office, paying bills and talking to suppliers for the kennels, trying to communicate with the mayor and local television to arm-wrestle them into having a presence at our up-coming open day on 22 April, and going to hospital to book an MRI appointment for my poor mangled thumb, to answering in-depth interview questions for a new book by Debs Jenkins, to be called Secrets of Successful Expats.

Talking of books (and expats), I have also been promising for a while to read and review a few books in the expat genre, since it is transparently close to my heart. Obviously, this sort of undertaking consumes a lot more time than, say, going to the bank sending an internet order for dog bowls; and the task of writing reviews has been a permanent fixture on my brought-forward lists for a few weeks now.

Silly, really – I love to read and do not get a fraction of the opportunity that I would like. Then why have I been dancing round a pile of four scrummy-looking books, studiously looking the other way?

The problem is that when I get into a good book, I cannot piece-read – I devour it until it is all gone, like a giant slab of chocolate. Which means that I generally spend a few days after finishing an absorbing literary offering looking like a pugilistic panda, having read until la madrugada alba (daybreak). It also means that all the piddly little things on my manifold lists get ignored totally, which has not been an option lately, with the multitudinous demands made of me by my revered friends in Town Planning.

Anyhow – the lists (again).

Yesterday my halo was shining brighter than the north star.

I managed to tick off thirteen items from my to-do sheet, including the interview and the entire reading list. Today I feel five kilos lighter.
Now all I have to do is write the reviews …


Comments on: "So much to do, so little brain power" (8)

  1. ‘Nnggh! It’s the Lists Esmeralda – the Lists! Nnnggghh!’ Actually, your photo makes you look a lot younger 😀

    • Than who? Esmerelda?

      Does it give you a clue that my middle name is Methuselah?


      (Actually, 53, mate! but getting younger mentally, as is my right and yours x)

      • ‘Bells’ my little nest of vipers – ‘Bells! (Quasi-blinkin’-modo). Every sip of raki I tell myself ‘This is taking years off my life!’

  2. As in, pickling your cells, preserving them from further decay? Sounds like a plan to me!

  3. I also suffer from the same kind of dandruff as you do – little flakes of paper falling from every clothing orifice with to-do lists scribbled on them. I have thick layers of such dandruff lining my handbags too. I can´t imagine I´d ever have as much to do as you but my lists are also long, niners and tenners. I have a to-do list on the computer too called “Staying Power” that was originally meant to help me settle in here and keep up with daily challenges – like the post office, the bank and other sinister establishments of the bureaucratic underbelly such as Hacienda. Nowadays most stuff doesn´t even make it onto that one as my power stays better with paper scraps!

    • I think my Staying Power is pretty good, much to the chagrin of the powers that be. They’ve done their best to force me to throw in the towel. But then, I always was a stubborn little bugger.

      I’m really not kidding when I say that I can’t function without lists. I almost at the point of needing lists of what I have to put on the list …

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