Living in Spain, warts and all


Deborah Fletcher, author of Bitten by Spain.

An alien changeling at birth, I was born in the UK because Fate obviously has a sense of humour. Not suited at all to that damp, grey little island, I finally completed the escape tunnel in 2003 and fled to Southern Spain. Fate, still determined to extract all possible avenues of amusement from my existence, has thrown me any number of curved balls since I have been here, and thus came into being my first book, “Bitten by Spain”, which tells of my adventures in coming to terms with all the local wildlife (including the natives) in my beautiful and savage mountain valley.


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  1. My favorite word in this (among many) is first as in ‘first book’. Write on! (PS we have Jo P. in common)

  2. Andrew J Daniels said:

    Forgot to click on Notify me of new comments!!

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