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A Bit of Imagination and a Cartload of Elbow Grease

Morning, all! And what a fine and fabulous morning it is, too! Bright blue skies, temperatures in the mid-twenties, and a fresh and gentle breeze wafting in the smell of freshly-wet earth and various barbecues up and down the valley. Standing on the terrace, a large mug of coffee in hand and gazing across the valley, I was moved by the sheer beauty of terraces bedecked with almond trees laden with blossom, and was inspired to capture it.

So having made the effort to locate the camera, I went on to take some photos of the barns/kennels today. I therefore give you a quick glance at the very thing that got me blogging, stopped me blogging and then started me off again, with a few before-and-after shots …


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Here’s praying that it will soon be open!


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